Mission of ELCAC in Philippines

  • Philippines
    Beautiful country withmore than 7000 islands
  • Give them education
    We can help to kids receive better education
  • Church planting
    Together we can planting more churches
  • Mercy medical services
    We can give to peoples medical services what they needs

Welcome to our website!

Mission of the ELCAC in the Philippines started in 2015. For a whole year we are going good deals in Holy Name of Jesus Christ, and happy to see you on this website!

Our mission made under Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Augsburg Confession what located in Russia and other countries, and we have some goals in our deals in Philippines.

The main goals of our mission

Church planting

We can plant more churches in Philippines for peoples around the country.

There are seminary, ministry cources, schools for kids, etc.
Free medicine

We can safe more lifes in Philippines via mercy medical services.

We want to make more partnership relationships with other churches.

Of course, we have more goals and all of them based on good deals. With God's help and guidance we will doing the best.

Peoples of the mission

Pavel Levushkan

Bishop, head of the Southern Diocese of the ELCAC
Daniel Suvoroff

Senior pastor of the ELCAC in the Philippines
Vacancy 1

We are looking for a person 18 y.o. and above who has calling become a deacon.
Vacancy 2

We are looking for a person 18 y.o. and above who has calling become a pastor.

More information about ELCAC you can found on official website: Luther.RU

If you want to become a pastor or deacon, we will help you in fully free education and ordination. For more information, please text to dsuvoroff@live.com

Our news

Feeding project

Mission of the ELCAC in Philippines starting projects of feeding poor peoples. This project will start soon in the union with pastor Alvien. 

If you want to help our Mission, you can send donations via PayPal.

With God!

Meeting with pastor Alvien

In this Saturday we met with pastor Alvien and had very nice speaking about friendship of our churches. He are pastor of another Lutheran Church, and interested also in projects and worship together. Thank you, pastor Alvien!

With God!

We are officially registered!

In Holy Name of Jesus Christ!

Today we recieved documents of the official registration for our Mission!

Certificate of registration

Toda we should receive certificate of registration of our mission in Philippines. With God's guidance all will be good with that! Pray for us!

Renew of website

We did renew our website after crashed server. And we hope that it will work for good.

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