This seminary project working under International (Foreign) Church District of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Augsburg Confession (ICD of the ELCAC).

Our clergy following Apostolic Succession based on Old-Catholic church which if our friends and partners. Old-Catholic Church is working under World Council of National Catholic Churches (WCNCC).

We are believe that Lutheran Church is not Neo-Lutheran. We aren’t believe in woman’s Ordination, in same-sex marriage and other liberal things. We like to call ourselves Old-Lutheran church, or Reformed Catholic church, or Lutheran church with Russian Tradition – Russian Lutheran Church. The ELCAC proudly following old traditions of russian traditional lutheranism.

Structure of the church:

—> Other districts
—> ICD
——> Provostries
———> Priests + Pastors + Deacons

Pastor is a clergy which was elected by a group of peoples for needs of the community. This step of clergy don’t have Apostolic Succession ordination and usually keeping this position for one or two years, or while not done education and not received Ordination. Pastor can call Mass without Communion, and only can give Holy Baptism to a person who is looking for it. Being a pastor is still not a priesthood, it’s only elective position.

If pastor was great on his position for more than one year, if he completes the course, and peoples of his community feels he is ready for to be a permanent clergyman, pastor moving to second step – to receive deacon’s then priest’s Ordination.

Next step is become a provost, then superintendent, then bishop.

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